10 of My Favorite Blog Posts

After 2 and a half years and nearly 550 blog posts, I decided to take a look back through my archives, and pick out 10 of my favorite posts. The fact that a blog is basically a public, sometimes silly way of documenting life is actually really cool. Years from now, when no one even reads blogs anymore, I’ll still have a record of my life, and it’ll be a fairly accurate look at how I actually was as a girl in my 20s, a new wife, a new business owner, etc. It’s also fun to look back at how my writing style and blog voice have changed over the years.

I ended up picking the 10 posts below because they either made me laugh, made me think, or made me just feel good after reading them. I hope you agree! And maybe it’ll give you a chance to read a post or two that you missed the first time around. Happy Friday!

Listed in chronological order

1. A Girl’s Guide to Enjoying the NFL Season
PicMonkey Collage5Why I Love It: Football is one of my favorite things of all time, and I love this “how to” post for girls that might be looking to get into football too. It also has some of my favorite football pictures including several current and former Steelers players and me in just about every Steelers gear imaginable. 

2. Five Years
44677_477324302456_6159152_nWhy I Love It: It’s a look back at my first 5 years in Raleigh, and all the changes in my life that came with moving here. 

3. That Time a Maxi Dress Broke My Nose
PicMonkey Collage3Why I Love It: This is definitely one of my funniest stories, and it also has some pretty gnarly pictures of my face in the days following my face plant into the asphalt. 

4. Things I Will Likely Never Do Again
photo-(65)-editedWhy I Love It: This is just kind of a funny post about things I don’t think I’ll ever do again. Spoiler alert, I’m doing number 4 right now – guess I was wrong about that one. Also, there is a top notch picture of me, circa 2001 at the end of this post.

5. Where Are You From?
photo159-editedWhy I Love It: This is a post for anyone who (like me) doesn’t have a typical answer for the question “where are you from?”

6. When Two Introverts Fall In Love
163789_10150130654077457_285757_nWhy I Love It: This is a look on what it’s like when two major introverts are in a relationship, and I think it’s a fairly relatable read for other introverts.

7. How We Had a Wedding and Honeymoon for $5000
IMG_7149-withtextWhy I Love It: This is a practical and realistic look at planning a nice wedding on a budget, and where we were able to cut corners to save costs.

8. 8 Stupid Ways I’ve Hurt Myself
stupid-ways-Ive-hurt-myselfWhy I Love It: Unfortunately, the maxi dress story is not an isolated incident for me. I’ve hurt myself in a number of silly ways over the course of my life, and this is a funny look at some of the best (worst?) times.

9. Game Day Superstitions
Game-Day-SuperstitionsWhy I Love It: This is another fun football post that takes a look at all of the things I do to help the Steelers win every week during football season.

10. An Honest Post About Choosing to Be Childless
Choosing-to-be-ChildlessWhy I Love It: This is probably the most honest post I’ve ever written, and definitely the one I was most scared to hit publish on, but it also opened up a good discussion in the comments, and it was cool to see other people’s thoughts on it.

Now, I feel a little weird just talking about my favorite posts, so do me a favor and leave me one of your blog posts that you’re most proud of in the comments for me to read over the weekend.

Or, if you end up doing a whole post like this one, leave me the link to that – I want to know about your favorite posts from your blog!

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  • Camille Nones
    March 31, 2015

    The “That Time a Maxi Dress Broke My Nose” blog post was hilarious. It must have been very painful, and yet, you turned it into a hilarious post. If it matters, your nose looks great. lol. I also love the “When Two Introverts Fall in Love” blog post. You’re really sweet. You and your husband look great together!

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