Five Years

I moved my little 20 year old self from Bowling Green, KY to Raleigh, NC exactly 5 years ago today. Well, to be more accurate, my dad and my uncle helped move my little 20 year old self here exactly 5 years ago today. I decided to come here because my parents moved here while I was in college, and honestly, I really wasn’t sure where else I wanted to go. I knew that Kentucky was not the state for me, so I came here to be close to family, pretty sure that I wouldn’t be here more than a year or so. Somewhere in these past 5 years, I’ve realized that Raleigh is a wonderful place, and I’m happy and proud to call it my home. A lot has happened since I’ve moved here, and I thought it would be fun to do a recap of some of the major things that have happened to me since I placed my roots in the Tar Heel state. Let’s take a peek into the past!

I learned a lot about myself, and had some fun experiences.
1. I went on a road trip with my college roommate from North Carolina to Minnesota, with a stop in Chicago along the way…
2. …And also a stop in Wisconsin.
3. I went to get my hair trimmed, but somehow the stylist misunderstood me. When I said that I really didn’t want anymore to be cut off, he shrugged his shoulders, said “oops”, and kept cutting. Needless to say, I haven’t been back to a Super Cuts since. 
4. I slowly started embracing my domestic side, and teaching myself how to cook.
I finally got to see lots of snow!

1. Which allowed me to use my shiny new Pittsburgh Steelers window scraper…
2. …And build a snowman so tiny that you can’t even see him in the picture…
3. …And have an almost white Christmas (snow dump on December 26)…
4. …And get to go sledding for the first real time as an adult.

Then, I met this guy.

1. This is the first picture he took of me (without me even realizing it), on the first night we really hung out.
2. We started hanging out all the time, and we shared lots of laughs together.
3. We celebrated our first Christmas together…
4. …And then our first anniversary.

I saw a whole lot of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
1. Up close at a preseason game in Charlotte.
2. Against the Ravens at Heinz Field.
3. During the Draft Day celebration in 2011.
4. Against the Ravens again, but much closer this time.
Remember that guy I mentioned?
1. Well, we got engaged…
2. …then married…
3. …then we had an awesome honeymoon in Chicago…
4. …and celebrated our first anniversary in DC.
Of course, there were lots of little moments in between these big ones that made up the rest of these past 5 years – like the time a maxi dress broke my face (now there’s a fun story for another day!), but these are the ones that stick out the most in my mind.
5 years
60 months
261 weeks
1826 days
43829 hours
…and not a single minute that I would change.
You’ve been good to me, Raleigh – here’s to at least another 5 years!

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