Even if you haven’t been blogging for very long, you’ve likely heard about the importance of understanding Google Analytics. The only problem is that, while incredibly helpful, Google Analytics also happens to be really confusing if you’re not familiar with it. It can be hard to find the exact information you’re looking for, and clicking around usually leads to more confusion than answers.

I’m here to help!

Let’s talk about the benefits of these reports:
-You can use the info to help market yourself to companies you want to work with
-You can see the exact effects of sponsoring blogs, and if you’re getting your money’s worth
-You can see what’s working for your blog, and what’s not working, so you can make adjustments as needed
-You can see which forms of social media are bringing the most visitors to your blog
-You can see which types of posts are bringing in the most traffic
-You can see a truly accurate view of your traffic stats (Note: This is especially helpful for blogs through Blogger – pageviews tend to be inflated on Blogger, and it’s important to know what your actual pageviews are. Trust me, I learned this one the hard way, when I thought I was getting significantly more pageviews than I actually was. You can learn more about the discrepancy here)
…and more!


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