Husband’s Day

I teased a few days ago that last Saturday was Husband’s Day in our house. If you missed my post about Wife’s Day, TJ and I created these “holidays” last year in an effort to devote an entire day to each other. We’re not going to have kids, so we’ll never celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day, but I think we still deserve to be celebrated, as a spouse instead. Is it cheesy? Sure. But we both love it, so it’s here to stay!

Here’s how we spent the day celebrating TJ and what an awesome husband he is!

Breakfast & a Bike Ride:

TJ always tells me that he doesn’t feel like he gets to ride his motorcycle enough, so I planned for us to take it for a spin to Breakfast at one of my favorite local coffee shops, Sola Coffee Cafe. We both got a breakfast sandwich and shared some orange juice – delicious! It started to lightly rain on our drive back, which was an adventure, but all in all it was tons of fun. Also, it’s super hard for me to look cute in a helmet, obviously.

Fun at Frankie’s:

After breakfast, we relaxed at home for a while, and then headed to Frankie’s Fun Park for an afternoon of total fun. We played various arcade games, racking up tickets (TJ is freakishly good at these games – we won over 850 tickets!) and then we played a mean round of laser tag. It was just like going to Chuckie Cheese’s, but as adults and without the smell of feet (remember those sky tubes that required you to take off your shoes? Gross!)

Favorite Meal:

We ended the day with TJ’s favorite home cooked meal – these Buffalo Chicken Bites. They’re a little time consuming, so we usually save them for special occasions, which actually makes them taste that much better. For dessert I made this pie, since he loved it so much the first time I made it. He’s weird, and topped his with chocolate covered pomegranate (or maybe he’s a genius??). It was the perfect end to a relaxing, love-filled day, celebrating my favorite man.

Do you and your husband/boyfriend have any cheesy awesome traditions?

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  • Sarah Allison
    June 27, 2013

    what a cute idea!!! I think I will suprise my Ry with a husbands day next year:)

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