Weekend Snapshot

This isn’t something that I talk about often, but TJ and I decided long ago that we don’t want to have children. In general, I don’t usually have the feeling that we’re missing out on many things by making this decision, but there are little things that we won’t get to do by remaining childless. One small thing is that we’ll never be celebrated on Mother’s or Father’s Day. Last June, I started a new tradition to celebrate TJ for a day – Husband’s Day. It was a day totally dedicated to him and what an amazing husband he is. This past Saturday, he set up Wife’s Day for me, and I enjoyed a wonderful day of being treated extra special. Thanks, TJ, for making Wife’s Day so fantastic!

1. On Friday, I had the opportunity to attend The Triangle Go Red For Women Luncheon with some of my coworkers. It was a great event for an even better cause.
2. I have been listening to this album non-stop since it came out. Seriously, SO GOOD. Personal favorites are Step, Don’t Lie, and Ya Hey.
3. Wife’s Day started out with a tasty homemade breakfast!
4. Later in the afternoon, we checked out a new indoor mini-golf place called Indoor Greens Mini Golf & Cafe. Their cafe was amazing, and the golf course was so fun. If you’re in the area, I’d highly recommend checking it out.
5. Teeing up! (Is that the proper terminology??)
6. After golf, we headed back to the house to watch one of my favorite movies that TJ has not-so-secretly been dreading to watch with me. Turns out, he actually kind of liked it.
7. I’m sporting this hot pink hue this week.
8. Sunday evening walk to wrap up the weekend.

I’d love to hear how your spent your weekend!


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