TTO: 5 Traits of an Entrepreneur

5-Traits-of-an-EntrepreneurIt’s time for this month’s edition of TJ Takes Over (TTO), where TJ takes over for the day and writes about about anything on his mind. Today he’s writing about five traits that entrepreneurs need to have to be successful.

1. Self-Motivation: It’s critical to have the initiative to do research, figure out the best plan for getting things done, make sure nothing gets lots in the shuffle, etc without having someone to look over your shoulder and tell you what needs to get done.

2. Passion: If you don’t genuinely love what you’re doing, you won’t want to keep doing it. Passion will help to drive determination to never give up, even when things get hard and it seems like your next payday might never come.

3. Thirst for Knowledge: It’s important to continually read up on market strategies and keep up with the trends in your area of business in order to stay in the know and keep your business successful.

4. Confidence: You have to believe in yourself and have the confidence to know that if you keep providing quality service, good things will come. When you’re starting out, people likely won’t be telling you how amazing you are. You have to have the confidence to believe in what you’re doing even without praise from others.

5. Networking Skills: One of the best ways to grow your business is by reaching out and making connections. You never know who might be a future client, or who might know a future client. Even if nothing comes from a new connection right away, down the road it may turn into something that can help further your business.

What traits do you think of when you hear “entrepreneur”?

  • Alisha @ The Alisha Nicole
    July 17, 2014

    I def agree with all of these especially #2! Too many times I see people start businesses just because it seems like it would be a cool field to go into..there def has to be a TON of passion!

  • BeautyStyleGrowth
    July 17, 2014

    These traits are spot on. #5 is what I’m working on improving now. And yes you’ve got to have passion. I will ask my clients whose businesses are not moving forward “Is this really what you want to do? Why are you really in this business?”
    K at

  • Jessa
    July 29, 2014

    I love all of them but my favorite is networking. I can tell a difference in my networking skills from my husbands who also works in sales. It’s great to see the difference in how we both networking and find leads.

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