The Art of Cooking

While I was making these cookies last week, my head started swimming with thoughts about how much I love cooking and baking. When I get home from work, I usually don’t want to do much more than crank out tomorrow’s blog post, watch TV with TJ, and maybe go for a walk, if the weather’s nice. I’m a firm believer in filling life with small pleasures, and relaxing is one of my favorite pleasures. If I’m doing something other than blogging, watching TV, or walking on a week night, it’s safe to say that I have to love it. So, last Thursday night, as I was mixing ingredients, loading up baking sheets with sweet chocolate cookies, and moving them over to cool on wire racks, the only thought running through my mind was, “man, I love this.”

Growing up, I always more drawn to the “creative” parts of school. Math and Science were not my cup of tea, but while I always felt a connection to art, I also felt a little left out, because I can’t draw, paint, or sculpt to save my life. My sweet parents always kept my artistic attempts though, no matter how ridiculous they ended up looking.

Eventually, I gave in to the fact that I wouldn’t be an artist, and tried to find other ways to channel my creativity. Then, at some point, I started to realize that art is more than just painting and drawing.

Writing is art for the soul.

Music is art for the ears.

Television and films are art for the eyes.

Somewhere along my artistic journey, I started creating in the kitchen, and I realized that cooking is art for the mouth. I finally found a way to be my own artist, but my medium of choice is no longer pencils, paint, or clay. Quite simply, it’s food, and a plate is my canvas.

I like having the ability to create something from start to finish.

I like being able to work my personality into a dish.

I like giving my food “art” to friends and family, and seeing them enjoy it.

Cooking and baking is my art now. It’s something I’m passionate about, and it’s definitely something I love to share with you guys, even though I still have lots of room for improvement.

What is your version of art?


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