My Favorite Pieces of Jewelry

Jewelry is a funny thing. There’s usually some kind of story behind each piece, but those stories rarely get told. I wear these sentimental items so often, carrying their stories with me, and I think it’s high time for me to tell you a little bit about them. Am I the only one who loves to hear the meaning behind someone’s jewelry? I sure hope not, otherwise you guys are going to think this is one boring post.

the rings:

These are my wedding rings, which obviously have a significant amount of sentimental value. They represent the promise I made to my husband, and I think of the vows we said to each other every time I look down at my left ring finger. The engagement ring was given to my mom by my dad for their 25th anniversary, and I instantly fell in love with it. My mom graciously said that I could have it when I got engaged, and I couldn’t be happier with it. My parents just celebrated their 30th anniversary, so I feel like the ring comes with a little good luck. The wedding band was created by the father of one of TJ’s childhood friends. He crafted it specially to fit around my engagement ring, and I so appreciate the care and detail that he put into it.

the necklace:

I bought this necklace about two years ago (similar here) in preparation for a hot air balloon trip that TJ and I had scheduled. The trip ended up getting rescheduled to 8 months later, but I still wore the necklace in the months leading up to it. Now, it’s a constant reminder of how amazing it felt to be floating high above the trees, in an area that’s so quiet from the rest of the world. Later, TJ told me that he had intended to propose to me in that hot air balloon, but after it got rescheduled, he decided to do it the next week, when we were in Pittsburgh. Once we actually did take the trip in the balloon, we both agreed that it worked out for the best, as there were 7 other people in the balloon with us, and it actually wouldn’t have been as romantic as he thought. I wrote about our hot air balloon trip here.

the watch:

I had my eye on this watch for a couple months, just swooning over how perfect it was. I even threw it on one of my Crave Lists! I eventually decided to buy it just before our first anniversary, as a little present to myself, and I’ve worn it every day since. Naturally, it makes me think of the adventure of navigating our first year of marriage, and what an amazing, fun time we had celebrating our anniversary in DC.

the earrings:

These earrings are my most recent jewelry purchase, from the amazing Fifth & Mae. I was simply browsing the site one day, when I saw these and instantly knew I needed them. I don’t typically gravitate toward gold jewelry, but there was just something about these little earrings that called my name. I really wear them just about every day, because they’re light and go with everything. The story behind these earrings is that I’m starting to get better about not just living within my comfort zone, instead I’m enjoying the feeling of branching out, and embracing styles that I overlooked in the past.
Do you have pieces of jewelry with a story? I’d love to hear about them!
Please note: I was not provided any of this jewelry in exchange for a review – I really just love each piece and wanted to talk about it!

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