Hilton Head: Sites and Eats

Last week, TJ and I went on vacation with my parents to Hilton Head and Charleston, South Carolina. It was such a fun trip that went by way too quickly (don’t they all?!), so I wanted to write about the places we stayed, things we did, and food we ate before too much time passes. Today, I’ll be focusing on Hilton Head; next week I’ll write about our time in Charleston.

The hotel:
We stayed at the Hilton Head Omni Resort, which was pretty incredible. The hotel has private beach access as well as three pools – one for families, one for kids, and one for adults. The adults only pool was probably my favorite part of the resort, and it’s where we spent 90% of our time. There are also a few fire pits on the property, and it was so nice to go for a late night walk on the beach and come back to sit around the fire afterwards. If you’re looking to just straight up relax, this is the perfect hotel for it.

The sites:
We were in Hilton Head for three days, and we spent all of the first two at the resort. On our last day in town, we spent the morning at the pool, and then headed into Harbour Town. There, we walked to the top of the Harbour Town Lighthouse, for an incredible view of the town. Then, we did some shopping at some very cute local shops, and finished the evening out on a fantastic dinner cruise. On the Spirit of Harbour Town cruise, we had a incredibly delicious dinner (and dessert!), watched the most amazing sunset, saw some dolphins, and had an awesome view of Jupiter and Venus in the night sky. In short, the cruise was SO amazing, and is something you should absolutely plan to do if you’re going to Hilton Head.

The eats:
Ok, obviously we ate more than this, but these are the only food pictures I took. Oops! Our first night in town, we ate at a Mexican restaurant named San Miguel’s, which had the best, freshest salsa I’ve had in a long time. Every morning, we ate breakfast at Atlanta Bread Company, which is kind of like Panera, but way better. The sandwich up there is their egg white and cheese sandwich on jalapeno cheddar bread, and it was fantastic. As I already mentioned, the food on the dinner cruise was delicious, and here’s a look at the insane dessert we had. All around, Hilton Head offered some good eats!

Have you ever been to Hilton Head? Do you prefer to spend your vacation time at the pool or on the beach?


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