4 Romantic Decor Ideas for Your Master Bed & Bath

Decor-IdeasThis is a sponsored post written by Zillow for Rainstorms and Love Notes

Setting the scene for romance might not be at the top of your list after a long day. But creating a master bedroom and bath that regularly evoke balance and relaxation can help reduce that stress – and set the mood – after a long day. No matter what your budget constraints are, consider these four décor ideas to create a calm, romantic space.

1. Update Wall Treatments

Control the mood of your room through wall treatments. Evoke romantic energy with warm colors, such as burnt orange, fire engine red or light pink. Or create a relaxing abode via earth tones, such as honeysuckle yellow, deep greens and light blues. Either way, the color you paint your wall acts as a backdrop for your tranquil bedroom décor.

2. Change Lighting

It’s no shock that soft lighting is conducive to romance. There’s something beautiful about a candle’s glow and the reflection it generates. Candles are the perfect bedroom accessory because they stimulate two of your senses – sight and smell – further enhancing your romantic environment. Because candles come in a variety of styles, colors and scents, you can play around with your décor options, such as filling mason jars with tea lights, buying vintage candle holders or placing lights in an illuminating container.

3. Mix Opposites

The saying “opposites attract” certainly applies when decorating your master bathroom. Mixing masculine motifs with light, airy accents is one way to create a romantic bathroom that you’ll both love. Place dark cabinets against white granite surfaces, or add shiny fixtures and accessories against a charcoal gray wall to combine both of your styles into a crisp, contemporary look. Furthermore, your bathroom is the one room where you can splurge on features that enhance both your morning and bedtime routines. Heated flooring, a towel warmer and decadent soaking tub are three splurge-worthy ways to combine function with comfort in the master bathroom.

4. Add Warmth

There’s something inherently romantic about a bedroom fireplace. The warmth and illumination of a fire creates a comforting ambiance that’s open to passion and coziness. Adding a fireplace and seating area with plush blankets and cozy chairs creates an environment that encourages couples to stay and enjoy each other’s company. During the summer months when you’re not using the fireplace, take advantage of the lighting tip and create a candle space where you can organize your candles in a visually appealing manner.

Your bedroom is where you begin and end each day, so it’s important to create a space that is uniquely yours. Incorporating these four décor ideas turns your master bedroom and bathroom into your private oases in no time. Whether you’re in the market to move apartments or buy a house, it doesn’t hurt to consider the romantic potential of your future home before purchasing. For more romantic décor inspiration, check out Zillow Digs.

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  • Amberly
    June 23, 2015

    These are great ideas! We’re working on updating our master bedroom, the first item of business is to get the baby into his own room so we don’t have all of his stuff in there 🙂

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