An Announcement!

I teased yesterday that I’ve been working on something exciting for the past couple of weeks, and today I’m ready to share it with you guys. Hey, at least I didn’t string you along for more than a day, right? So, are you ready for it?


I’m opening an online store to sell hand lettered prints! I’m sure it doesn’t come as a total shock, since I’ve been sharing some of my hand lettering stuff on Instagram, and then I offered a hand lettered Super Bowl game pack, but now I’m excited to take it to the next level.

For now, I’ve got 10 products available, 2 of which are custom, meaning that they’re meant to be totally unique for each order. I’m really excited about the site (thanks to TJ for helping me put it together!) and the store in general. I’ll be adding more products pretty regularly, but I’m really happy with the ones available so far.

Here are a few of my favorites:

There’s also a few blogging specific ones, and some about love. I’ve got a blog post on the ANP site as well, that talks a little about the site benefits: free shipping in the US? check! items are available in download or physical form? check!

I really hope you’re as excited about this as I am and I hope you’ll check out the site and see something you like.

Because I’m just so excited, I’m offering 10% off any Ashley Nevis Prints purchase through Sunday, February 15 using the promo code: Grand Opening

If you check out Ashley Nevis Prints, let me know which print is your favorite in the comments below! I’ve also added a link to the shop in my menu bar up above for easy access. Now get to shopping!


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