November Things

I love November! It’s starting to get nice and chilly outside, TJ’s birthday is on the 27th (and so is Thanksgiving!), and then it’s time for the holiday season to officially start! There are so many wonderful family traditions coming up, and I can’t wait for all of them. TJ and I are also going to make a trip to New York this month, and it will be so great to see his family for the first time since May. Exciting stuff!

Make this as a Thanksgiving side: Naan Cashew Stuffing

Make this as a Thanksgiving dessert: Pumpkin Roll

Celebrate this:
8th – Cook Something Bold Day
13th – World Kindness Day
15th – Clean Your Refrigerator Day
28th – Buy Nothing Day
30th – Stay at Home Because You are Well Day

What are you most looking forward to in November?

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