Treat Yourself Cookbook Review

I received a copy of “Treat Yourself” by Jennifer Steinhauer from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. Now, let’s get to the fun stuff!

I was SO excited to get this cookbook, because it’s full of a bunch of recipes for everyone’s favorite snack foods from childhood. We’re talking Oreos, Twinkies, graham crackers, fruit snacks, pizza pockets, and Cheetos. You know, to just name a few. Of course, these versions of the snacks aren’t full of nasty preservatives and other junk you can’t pronounce, so you can make and eat them with less guilt.

So, let’s talk about the cookbook. I love the layout – the pictures are amazing (and they really made me want to make everything all at once), and each recipe has a short little blurb about the author’s reasoning for making it or how she came up with the right proportions. I also love that each recipe has a little circle at the top to show you how much hands-on time and total time you need to make it. It was great to know the hands-on time commitment I was making before starting the recipe.

It was so hard to decide on what to make first (seriously, everything looked and sounded so good), but I went with Nilla Wafers, which are one of my all-time favorite snacks. They were so easy to make, and the directions were incredibly easy to follow. The recipe claimed to make 90(!!) cookies, so I divided it in half.

They came out pretty small – more like mini Nilla Wafers, and I have to admit that TJ and I both were kind of thinking I should have made the whole recipe. They were so, so, so delicious. We kept snacking on them, to the point where I had to tell TJ we couldn’t have anymore so I’d have enough to take pictures of for this post.

Treat Yourself 032Moment of truth: I will truly start to make these as opposed to buying them, because they were both easy and delicious.

“Treat Yourself” an excellent cookbook that I can’t wait to continue to cook from. I think Zebra Cakes are next on my list!

What are some of your favorite snacks from childhood? Would you ever try making your own Nilla Wafers from scratch?

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  • Jamie Vespa
    August 7, 2014

    Oh my god, I need this book. I want to know how to make all of my favorite childhood treats!

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