Raspberry Mint Lemonade

This Raspberry Mint Lemonade is another super refreshing drink for the hot days of summer. The addition of the fresh mint leaves gives it a nice and unexpected freshness that blends nicely with the sweetness of the raspberries and the tartness of the lemonade. The best part is that this comes together pretty quickly!

Printable Recipe
Serves 6-8

3 cups water
1/2 cup fresh mint leaves, finely chopped
3/4 cup sugar
24 oz frozen raspberries
1 can (12 oz) frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
1 cup cold water

In a large saucepan, bring the 3 cups water, mint leaves, and sugar to a boil, stirring until the sugar is dissolved.

Remove from heat and let stand for 5 minutes. Add in the raspberries and the lemonade concentrate and stir together.

Use a spoon to mash the raspberries.

Pour the mixture through a fine strainer into a large bowl with a lip. Discard the pulp.

Add 1 cup cold water to the mixture and pour into a pitcher (use a funnel if needed).

Refrigerate before serving, then enjoy!
Raspberry-Mint-Lemonade-019 Raspberry-Mint-Lemonade-024

Adapted from Taste of Home 5 Ingredient Recipes

What’s one of your favorite summertime drinks?

  • Finley
    August 5, 2014

    Yum sounds delicious! I love the mint in it – would make it so refreshing! Clever lady!

  • Kara
    August 5, 2014

    This just seems super refreshing! I don’t have a ton of experience with mint but it is definitely something I would be interested in! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Erin
    August 5, 2014

    Oh YUM! I’ve got to make this!!

  • chelsea jacobs
    August 5, 2014

    This sounds amazing! I love drinks with mint in them..so refreshing!

  • Carroll
    August 5, 2014

    That looks fantastic! Perfect for a hot summer day! 🙂

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