Husband’s Day 2014

I’ve talked before about how I started Husband’s Day a few years ago as a way to totally celebrate TJ and what an awesome husband he is to me. We always celebrate it the 4th Saturday of June, so it was this past weekend. Since we’re both now working for ourselves, we did Husband’s Day on a budget this year, and it turned out great!

This year, we decided to start it a little early, on Friday night. We stopped working around 2pm, and headed to a local hotel where I found an awesome deal for a one night stay. We LOVE staying in local hotels, because it feels like a full-on vacation for much cheaper and a lot easier than planning a trip out of town.
Hotel Collage

After we checked in, we relaxed for a few hours, then went out to dinner at Chili’s, since we had a coupon for a free thing of chips, salsa, and guacamole. Then we split the pick 3 southwestern pairings menu (we chose the chicken quesadillas, a white chicken enchilada, and a soft beef taco), and it comes with rice and black beans on the side. It’s plenty of food for 2 people, and the price can’t be beat. With a tip, our whole meal came to $15. Food Collage

When we finished dinner, we saw this sign, which is fitting, because I totally do love TJ, obviously.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and went swimming in the pool for a while. It was tons of fun and a really relaxing way to end the week/start Husband’s Day. On Saturday, we went through a couple of ideas on how to spend the day. Eventually, TJ decided that he wanted to just rent some movies and relax at home. Right after that, he got a Redbox coupon text for a free rental – talk about timing, huh? We ended renting 3 movies (including 1 Blu-Ray) for less than $3. Then we grabbed some popcorn and $1 candy boxes, and planted ourselves on the couch for the next several hours. So much fun!

Overall, it was such a fun weekend, and TJ had a blast. It’s nice to know that we can still go out and have a great time on a budget.

What are your tips for going out on a budget? Do you have any little made up days that you celebrate with your significant other or family?


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