Don’t Try So Hard Linkup

I don’t participate in linkups too much – not because I hate them – it’s more of just me being totally ridiculous and having my posts planned out for weeks in advance, and then hating the idea of moving things around when I hear of a cool linkup. Like I said, I’m RIDICULOUS.

When I heard about the Don’t Try So Hard linkup though, I knew I wanted to participate (even if I am 2 days late). I feel like a lot of time, we feel like it’s taboo to think or say something positive about our own appearance, because we don’t want people to think we’re full of ourselves. And sure, there’s definitely a point where self-love can turn into self-involvement, but really, there’s nothing wrong about loving your appearance. It’s healthy. And that’s what I love about this linkup – the healthy promotion of self-love.

So, here’s my picture.
I took this about a month or so ago, and sent it to TJ while he was out, to show him that I was taking full advantage of him being out by working in his super comfortable desk chair. It was still pretty early in the morning, and I hadn’t taken a shower yet. My hair is still a little frizzy from sleeping, what little makeup I didn’t take off before bed is rubbed off, my eyes are a little puffy, and I’m still in my pajamas.

I feel pretty in this picture though, because I think I look so happy. On the days where TJ and I aren’t home together, we usually text quite a bit and that makes me happy. Also, unexpectedly losing my job and giving a go at being self-employed has (weirdly) taken a huge weight off my shoulders, and I think that happiness shines through too. That being said, my smile is one of my favorite features, because it’s what displays my happiness. I also really like my teeth – the braces were totally worth it.

the florkens

What are some of your favorite features? What makes you feel beautiful?


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