Etsy Mother’s Day Cards

Etsy Mother's Day CardsMother’s Day is on Sunday, so I poked around Etsy and found a few of my favorite cards for the holiday. It’s probably a little too late to get these in time for Sunday, but they’re great inspiration for next year.

1. For your family’s best listener, $4.50
2. Simple and to the point, $5.00
3. Where your heart is, $4.00
4. Pretty and blank inside, $4.50
5. Heartfelt thank you, $4.50
6. Watercolor heart, $4.00

What are you planning to do to celebrate Mother’s Day?

  • Annie - The Ranting Latina
    May 7, 2014

    True, these would be GREAT for next year, but on behalf of those of us who love getting inspired and making our own versions of things, THANK YOU, dear Ashley, for these wonderful ideas!

    PS- It might be too late to order them, but it’s never too late to make them :)! (I once had inspiration for a card strike well past my bedtime and next thing I know I’m up for another three hours making a kickass card inspired by another popular crafter’s designs ;). I’ll add these to my arsenal.)

    • ashleynevis
      May 8, 2014

      You are so right, Annie! Plus, as a bonus, handmade stuff is always so appreciated, since it shows a lot of thought and time went into it. I’d love to see pictures of some of your card creations!

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