March Madness Help? (Plus some funny basketball gifs)

11-trick-dunk-fail-basketball-fail-gifsHere’s the thing… I really want to like March Madness.

funny-gif-reporter-basketball-gameYou see, we’re in that part of the year that every football fan hates – the NFL season doesn’t start for another 6-ish months, the draft is still about 7 weeks away, and while keeping up with free agency is fun, you still can’t help but long for the September weekends that still seem so far away.

17-driveway-dunk-slip-fail-basketball-fail-gifsThen, boom, March Madness starts, and everyone starts throwing around words like “bracketology”, “final four”, “the big dance”, and “Cinderella story”. And I want to get into it SO badly, I really do. I get excited to fill out my bracket, TJ and I usually come up with a friendly wager with a few of our friends, and I try to get excited about it all.

14-kid-toy-basketball-fail-basketball-fail-gifsBut for some reason, it just doesn’t click for me. Once I see my bracket start to get covered in red, I lose the little interest I had in keeping up with my bracket and the games.

12-raptor-mascot-fail-basketball-fail-gifs I want this year to be different! So, I’m just a girl writing to internet friends asking you to help me – what do you do to get into the fun of March Madness?!? What am I missing? Will actually making myself sit down to watch the games help, because I’ll feel more invested in it? I need your tips! Also, who did you pick to win it all??

15-driveway-basketball-dunk-fail-basketball-fail-gifsOr, if you’re a fellow football fan, just counting down the days until September, you’re welcome to commiserate with me instead.

  • Erin
    March 19, 2014

    Ohh, you know me! Right there with you, thinking more about the NFL draft and the schedule release date than March Madness 😉 Our office always does a fun pool, so I fill out a bracket for that and we have a big pizza luncheon on the first day of the tourney, but that’s the extent of my excitement most of the time lol!

  • Sarah
    March 20, 2014

    last season was my first year taking a big interest in football and I’m actually missing it right now! what are sunday mornings w/o it???? but I am also trying to get into basketball, March madness at least because it totally dominates my fav sports radio station, my pic is Michigan! 🙂

  • Megan C. Stroup
    March 30, 2014

    If the bracket doesn’t keep you interested, you could do the Pick ‘Em Challenge on ESPN. You only pick each round’s games as they advance, so even if you completely screw up in the first round you get to start over in the second! (And the third … and the fourth …)

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