Movies That Defined My Childhood



A few months ago, I wrote about the TV shows that defined my childhood. It was so much fun taking a walk down memory lane with those shows, so today, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at the movies that defined my childhood. Hello 90s, nice to see you again.

I must have watched this movie at least 100 times, and I never, ever got tired of singing along with “Friend Like Me”. I also thought it was way cool that DJ Tanner’s boyfriend Steve (on Full House, obviously) was the voice of Aladdin. Talk about worlds colliding.

Beauty and the Beast
Belle was the only Disney lead character that I ever felt like I could relate to, mostly because I loved to read just as much as she did. I also vividly remember dancing on my dad’s feet to “Tale as Old as Time”, when I was about 5. Cue an “aww” moment!

Casper was just so adorable, and this movie totally made me wish I had a ghost for a best friend. Also, that roller coaster-esque ride in the house was so awesome.

Happily Ever After
Does anyone else remember this movie? It was kind of a Snow White ripoff, but I don’t think I ever saw the real Snow White, so in my mind, this movie is far superior. The 7 dwarfettes were awesome sidekicks.

Homeward Bound
“Cats rule and dogs drool!” Also, remember when poor Chance got hit in the face by the porcupine? Hilarious and sad all at the same time.

It Takes Two
I mean, who didn’t like Mary-Kate and Ashley in the 90s? In this movie, the twins played two girls who weren’t even related, they just looked completely alike. Classic.

The Lion King
the lion king
This list in alphabetical order, but if it was in order of my favorites, this one would be at the top. It was just so GOOD. Every time I watched it, I would hope that somehow Mufasa wouldn’t end up dying, and then I would be heartbroken all over again when the fateful scene would come on. So gut-wrenching.

Little Giantslittle giants
I wasn’t even close to being a tomboy when I was growing up, but man I loved this movie. Remember when Becky “the icebox” O’Shea asked her uncle Kevin if she was pretty and he said no, only to come back and say she was beautiful? That got me started on a phase of answering “no” to questions that people were expecting me to say “yes” to, and then faking them out and thinking I was so hilarious.

A Little Princess
I loved this movie so much, but it was a little heart-wrenching.  The amazing feast scene for Sara and Becky in the attic was nothing short of magical though.

The Sandlot
I will love this movie for-ev-errr. There are so many classic scenes – when they all throw up on the fair ride after going nuts on some chewing tobacco, when Squints pretends he’s drowning just so he can French kiss the cute lifeguard, when Smalls gets asked if he wants a s’more and his response is “do I want some more what?” This movie will never get old.

Space Jam
I’d like to go ahead and nominate Space Jame for best movie soundtrack of all time. Also, I remember thinking the umbrella hat that Bill Murray wears in the beginning was the coolest invention ever. “Wave your hands in the air if you feel fine, we’re gonna take it into overtime…”

I’d love to know what movies defined your childhood!


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