10 (More) Never-Skip Songs

A few months ago, I wrote about 10 songs that I never skip when my iPod is on shuffle. Let’s be honest, I’ve got tons of songs on my iPod, and I skip over a lot of them at any given moment. However, there are far more than 10 that I never skip, so here we are again, looking at another set of songs that I never pass over.

1. “Australia” The Shins
What it reminds me of: The fall of 2009, when I listened to this just about every night on my drive home from work. I had a lot of uncertainty about where life was taking me, and what I wanted to do with my life. I was restless, but little did I know, I was just a few months away from dating my now husband.
Best line: “Been alone since you were twenty-one, you haven’t laughed since January.”

2. “Breathe Me” Sia
What it reminds me of: Living in Kentucky, and going to school there in 2007. Again, this was another point of uncertainty in my life – I was trying to decide if I wanted to stay in Kentucky, or if I wanted to move to Raleigh, and eventually, Raleigh won me over. 
Best line: “Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found”

3. “Don’t Lie” Vampire Weekend
What it reminds me of: This past summer, and the nice, carefree days that came with it.
Best line: “Old flames, they can’t warm you tonight, so keep it cool, my baby”

4. “Electric Feel” MGMT
What it reminds me of: TJ, because he absolutely just can’t get enough of this song. 
Best line: “This is what the world is for, making electricity.”
5. “Everlasting Light” The Black Keys
What it reminds me of: Driving to the beach during the first summer that TJ and I were dating. 
Best line: “In me you can confide, when no one’s by your side.”
6. “Fall of ’82” The Shins
What it reminds me of: The last few weeks before TJ and I got married. I drove around a lot during those weeks, getting last minute stuff for the wedding done, and this song was on frequent repeat in my car.
Best line: “See you were my lifeline when the world was exploding.”
7. “Folding Chair” Regina Spektor
What it reminds me of: Summer in general, and the simple things in life.
Best line: “I want nothing from you, but to sweetly hold your hand.”
8. “Horchata” Vampire Weekend
What it reminds me of: The winter of 2010, and my Friday night dates with TJ. 
Best line: “Here comes a feeling you thought you’d forgotten.”
9. “Us” Regina Spektor
What it reminds me of: TJ, because there’s a line that says, “…den of thieves…”, but he always says, “…denim thieves…”, and it makes me laugh every time.
Best line: “They made a statue of us, and it put it on a mountain top.”

10. “1901” Phoenix
What it reminds me of: Another winter of 2010 song, that I would listen to over and over again on the 30 minute drive between my house and TJ’s place. 
Best line: “Past and present they don’t matter, now the future’s sorted out.”
1901 by Pheonix on Grooveshark

Which songs are on your own never-skip list?
Now, I am thrilled to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers, Lauren from Love is the Point! Lauren writes about random musings on life, the fun little things that she believes in (like how taking long drives is good for the soul!), and spreading happiness to others through creative good deeds.
1. Why did you start blogging?
To have someone to tell my stories to. I mean, I always wanted a blog of my very own. But for so long, I had a million reasons why the timing wasn’t right to take the plunge and just get started. Then after I graduated from school, moved home, started working, and got married (05.18.13), I noticed that one area of my life had dwindled significantly – the time I used to spend chatting with my girlfriends. So a couple weeks before the blog was born, I was sitting in church with my husband on Sunday, and literally all I could think about was starting a blog. I felt compelled to do more good in the world, and I felt compelled to share my journey with someone, if they were willing to listen. I left that day, and went on about my life, thinking of it occasionally but not yet moved to action. The next week, I was back in church, and the same ole thoughts were back in my mind. I went home immediately and knew it was time. So the blog became a thing.
2. What is your go-to dessert recipe?
It’s actually just boxed cake mix – with a twist. (I’m eating some of it now, at this very moment, just so you know.) Throughout the year, I don’t spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen. (Holidays excepted.) And when I do, my husband frequently cooks along side me, so we try to focus on things that are simple, that we can repeat over and over without a written recipe, and that won’t create too much waste when made for only two people. His favorite dessert is a layer cake – one layer of strawberry, one layer of funfetti, with rainbow chip icing sandwiched in between, and strawberry icing on top. The secret though, is that you absolutely MUST figure out how much oil you will need for this cake, then take half of it out, and use applesauce for that half instead. I promise, it will change your life. Just trust me.
3. Tell me about your favorite blog post to date.
Oh man. The one that stands out to me, in my mind, is “Ode to My Minion” – a super silly poem that I wrote about my dog and which has been absolutely warming my heart ever since. It’s hard to tell, though, whether that post can be truly appreciated by an audience that doesn’t know my Minion in real life. So instead, I think I’ll go with “New Hair! Oh the Difference a Day Makes,” where I talk about chopping off my super long wedding hair so that it could be donated to a charity called Children With Hair Loss. I feel like that is probably my most significant good deed to date, (not that the significance of a good deed is easily measured) but I also absolutely adore my new cut, so it was just a really fun thing to get to share with my blog friends.
4. What’s the best thing about the state you live in?
Two words: FOUR. SEASONS! I am actually a little bit obsessed with the seasons, and being able to feel and see them change always puts me in a great mood. I truly do love them all. I feel so very blessed to get to witness them as they come and go, year in and year out. I also love that most years, each holiday tends to correspond with the temperature that it’s (stereotypically) “supposed” to have, which always seems to put me in the festive spirit just a little bit extra. (Although I think it would be major cool if I got to go to the beach on Christmas. Just sayin.)
5. If you could sum up your blog in one word, what would it be?
Happy. I’ve always been inspired by those women who are able to make their blogs a “happy place” – for themselves and especially for their readers. There are blogs I know I can go to, and just forget about the woes of my day for a few minutes, because I know I’ll get to read something positive and uplifting and…happy. I want so badly for my blog to be that kind of place. And I must admit, it’s not always. We aren’t perfect, me and my blog. But even when we’re not “happy,” we try to be funny, and we hope that will make up for it! Thanks for letting me have a chunk of your time today, readers of Ashley’s blog, and come hang out with me anytime! 🙂
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  • Lauren @ Love is the Point
    October 30, 2013

    That’s a big me! Haha. Thanks for this! 🙂

  • Jordan
    October 30, 2013

    Breathe Me, Electric Feel, and 1901. Yes, yes, and yes!

  • Marla Rogers
    October 31, 2013

    Ugh SO GOOD, especially Australia! Electric Feel, Horchata, Us…LOVE this song collection.

  • Jasam Caldwell
    October 31, 2013

    Gosh, I don’t use my iPods anymore. It’s probably time to take them out and wipe the dust off of them! hahaha. Awesome song collection, by the way 🙂

  • Fran
    November 4, 2013

    Love so many of these songs, specially Breathe Me and 1901!

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