Kitchen Wishlist

Remember how I talked about buying that popsicle kit that I didn’t really need but really wanted? Well, that got me thinking about the other kitchen items that I’d really like to add to our house, and naturally I decided to throw together a list of the things I’ve got my eye on.

1. Salts of the World Test Tube Set – I want these partly because I think the salts would be amazing to cook with, and partly because they remind me of chemistry/Breaking Bad, obviously.
2. Ikat Cloud Tablecloth – I am completely obsessed with grey and white, and would love to add this look to our dining room.
3. Berry Box Colander – How amazing would bright red strawberries or raspberries look sitting in this?
4. Flavour Shaker – This little gadget crushes spices and herbs to release natural flavors to use for cooking. You can even use it to make perfectly proportionate vinaigrette dressings.
5. Treat Life Container – An adorable little treat jar that looks like an old gumball machine? I’m swooning.
6. Heirloom Recipe Card Box – I absolutely love handwritten recipes, and I would love to store them in this wooden, hand-crafted box.

What’s on your kitchen wishlist?


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