Weekend Snapshot

This weekend was another one that was fairly busy for TJ and I. On Friday night, we had a mobile vet come by to give all three cats a check-up (clean bill of health for everyone!), on Saturday we had game night with some friends, and on Sunday we got to hear my dad preach a lesson, and then we went out to lunch with my parents. Tons of fun stuff, but it made the weekend fly by even faster than it normally seems to. Luckily, this week is a short one, I’m looking forward to spending this 4 day weekend with my favorite person in the world, doing absolutely nothing 🙂

1. Out of nowhere, the tree in our backyard is suddenly in full bloom.
2. Trying out a fun new barista-themed game on game night.
3. The look of total bliss.
4. Deep red nail polish – a classic look that will never go out of style.
5. My favorite kind of weather. This blog has the word “rainstorms” in the title for a reason!
6. Frozen yogurt date on Sunday night.
7. The ULTIMATE guilty pleasure summer TV show.
8. Technically July started today which is no longer the weekend, but I couldn’t resist sharing such a fun calendar picture.

What are some highlights from your weekend?

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