DIY: Newspaper Nails

I’ve mentioned recently that I’ve finally stopped biting my nails, after years of struggling with it. I’ve been so excited to experiment with different colors and designs on my new set of healthy nails, and this newspaper design is perfect for a bibliophile like me! The best part is that this look is super easy to pull off. Let’s get to it!

p.s. – the font in that picture above is one that I made last weekend!

light nail polish
rubbing alcohol
clear top coat

Paint your nails with a light nail polish. I used OPI Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs for a perfectly pale pink.

Allow the nail polish to dry, and fill a small bowl with the rubbing alcohol. Please learn from my mistakes, and don’t sit the bowl of rubbing alcohol on your coffee table.

Cut the newspaper into 10 strips, one for each finger. I found an article on some of the top NFL free agents (from a couple months ago), so I naturally went with those for my nails.

Dip your nail in the rubbing alcohol and then dip the newspaper in the alcohol as well. Place the newspaper on the nail, and remove slowly. Repeat with each nail, and allow to dry before finishing with a clear top coat.

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  • Anonymous
    August 4, 2013

    Ohmigod that is so genius!! I can’t wait to try it out.

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