Crave List

It’s that time again, where I search the internet high and low for the products catching my eye. These Crave List posts have easily become some of the most fun ones to put together. After all, who doesn’t love window (browser?) shopping? Bonus: when my birthday rolls around, I can just send TJ and my parents to these lists, and they’ll have plenty of fun stuff to choose from. How very thoughtful of me, right?

1. I’m dying over the pattern and color of this dress.
2. These earrings make me rethink my hatred of math.
3. I want to make a million pretty cakes to serve on this pedestal.
4. These notecards would be perfect for leaving little love notes all around the house.
5. I’ve been wanting to try this beach waves spray for a while now. Time to just break down and buy it!
6. I’m loving this his/her to do list pad, because sometimes we just need separate lists.

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