Weekend Snapshot

Another weekend has come and gone – this year is flying! Looking at the pictures from this weekend, it looks like we did nothing but watch tv/movies, and eat/drink awesome stuff. That really wasn’t the case though! We also ran tons of errands and did some work around the house (but who wants to see pictures of that boring stuff??) So, let these 8 little photos deceive you into thinking we had a totally luxurious weekend spent lounging around the house, eating bonbons, and getting fanned with palm fronds 🙂

1. This huge bin of Sixlets at a grocery store reminded me of the candy bins in the old store that my grandparents used to own.
2. I’m wild about this neutral color on my nails this week.
3. We watched The Ides of March, and really enjoyed it.
4. This spearmint water is my favorite drink of all time – it is so refreshing!
5. TJ made us homemade garbage plates, and they were even better than the authentic ones.
6. I spent time writing out some recipes.
7. It was actually warm over the weekend, so we grabbed a lemon-berry slush.
8. The Netflix season 4 release date for Arrested Development was released at the end of last week (!!!), and we’re celebrating by re-watching all of the old episodes (2nd time around for TJ, 8th-ish time around for me).

  • Kyla
    April 9, 2013

    That nail polish is so pretty! And I love handwritten recipes…is that weird? They just feel so much more authentic than from the web. My absolute favorites, I write out on pretty recipe cards and save 🙂

  • Victoria // Oh So Pretty
    April 9, 2013

    I am loving that neutral color nail polish! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Love your blog, Ashley!


  • Melissa Andrea
    April 10, 2013

    Barefoot in Barcelona by OPI? That’s a beautiful color! I must get it!
    Arrested Development is also one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen.
    This year is seriously flying by, it’s scary!

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