Our Wedding: The Music

Our first dance

As I mentioned here and here, I’m devoting some time this month to talk about our wedding, as our first anniversary approaches! Today, I’m going to share the music that we used throughout our ceremony. I’m a big fan of modern instrumental music, and I knew I wanted to use music other than the traditional “wedding songs” during our ceremony. I’m really pleased with what we ended up selecting, and I think it gave our ceremony a unique feel that really represented us. If you’re getting married soon, you might want to consider some of these song choices!
Wedding Party Processional: Perpetuum Mobile by Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Bridal Processional: Heirlooms by Pale White Moon
Recessional: The Winner Is by Devotchka
Our First Dance: January Rain by David Gray
Father/Daughter Dance: Baleen Morning by Balmorhea
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