Weekend Snapshot

This weekend was an interesting one. It was fun, and extremely relaxing, but at times it was also frustrating. I had a list of several projects that I wanted to complete, and it seemed like everything I tried to do just didn’t end up working out. Oh well, at least I did a lot of learning about what not to do. Hope you all had a great weekend, and are ready to take on the new week!
1. My new March-themed iPad lock screen.
2. A new set of “just because” greeting cards that arrived in the mail.
3. A failed attempt at making frozen coffee.
4. Going through some of my mom’s old cookbooks.
5. Owen diligently helping TJ with some research.
6. Taby nestled between her two favorite blankets. 
7. We had a coupon for a free movie rental, so we watched (and enjoyed) Argo.
8. A Sunday evening walk in my new sneakers.

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