Date Night at the Drive-In

Last Saturday night, TJ and I had an extra fun date night at a drive-in movie theater! We’ve never been to one before, so we were really looking forward to taking a step back in time, and experiencing a movie in a totally new way. The Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre was absolutely fantastic, and I’d highly recommend it if you’re anywhere near the Raleigh area. It was $7 per person for a double feature, a price that you just can’t beat! We loaded up our car with blankets and pillows, and stretched out in the backseat to watch – the perfect combination of cozy and romantic. Since the theatre was about a 45 minute drive from our house, we made a whole night of it and pretended that we were on a full-on road trip. We had such a wonderful time, and can’t wait to go back. Here are some shots from our very fun, old school date night!

My very handsome date!

Two soft king-size blankets and our most comfortable pillows.

Our first stop was to get some coffee to help us stay up late enough to watch both movies!

I was in charge of the navigation, & I got us there flawlessly! 

Shots from the road.

We made it!

The adorable ticket booth.

Fun decorations in front of the screen.

A stop at Concession Central is a must!

Making our way back to the car before the show.

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