Fridge Drawer Liners

TJ and I have somewhat of a steady routine on Saturday mornings. We wake up fairly early, blow through the weekday shows that are still on our DVR, and I leisurely browse the internet, looking for things I want need. It was just an average Saturday morning a few weeks ago when I came across these fun fridge liners, and knew that they needed a place in our home. We went with the blue color option, and I’m really pleased with the way they liven our refrigerator with bright patterns. The material is wood pulp coaster board, which is great for absorbing all kinds of gunk that sometimes magically appears in the fridge. I would highly recommend picking up a pack of your own!
*Please note, I did not get paid to write about this product. I just wanted to share its awesomeness with you!

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  • Heather Sheputis
    July 20, 2013

    Just came across these and made my fiancé order them for me for my birthday. Super excited!

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