DIY: Glitter Votive Holders

These glitter votive holders remind me so much of the glistening, snowy days of winter, and they really couldn’t be much easier to make. They’d look great on a nightstand in your master bedroom for a romantic feel, or you could incorporate them into your winter decor around the house. On Thursday I’ll be doing a post about how I used them in a centerpiece for our dining room table.


3 glass votive holders
painter’s tape
3 pieces of paper
spray adhesive
silver glitter
3 tea light candles

Tape off the bottom half of each votive holder with the painter’s tape.

Roll a piece of paper and place inside one of the votive holders, to prevent the glue from getting on the inside.

Spray the exposed part of the holder with the spray adhesive, and cover with the glitter. Gently shake off the excess.

Repeat with the remaining votive holders, and allow them to dry overnight before removing the painter’s tape.

Insert the tea light candles…

…and enjoy!

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