Pittsburgh, PA

Our beautiful view of downtown Pittsburgh 

We spent this past weekend in Pittsburgh, our 5th trip there together. The city has always been kind to us, and this trip was no exception. We spent most of our time walking around downtown, and on Saturday, we stumbled upon a little Christmas celebration with ice sculptures, live music and ice skating around a Christmas tree. On Sunday night, we watched the Steelers play the Ravens at Heinz Field, one of the best experiences there is as a Steelers fan. Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend.

Lost in thought with the “Sidewalk Judge”

The fountain at Gateway Center

Intricate cracks in one of the ice sculptures

Ice skating around the Christmas tree

Enjoying hot chocolate instead of coffee, for a change
A sandwich from the Pittsburgh staple, Primanti Bros
Heinz Field, in all its glory
Enjoying our view of the field
We ran into Willie Parker on our flight back to Raleigh!

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