Perfect Friday

A love note from TJ, celebrating 1001 days together
Did you guys have a good weekend? Ours was awesome, starting with what I can only call the “perfect Friday”. One of the things that made it so great was that the day started with a love note, and ended with a rainstorm. (You see what I did there?)

Last Thursday marked 1000 days that TJ and I have been together. (I guess I should make a note here that I’m slightly obsessed with counting days and weeks, to the point that I have a phone app that holds all kinds of important dates and how long it’s been since they’ve passed). Since TJ had to work late on Thursday night, I took the opportunity to make one of his favorite meals, and get him a few small things that he enjoys. It was a fun night, spent talking about the last 1000 days and what possibilities the next 1000 may hold. I woke up Friday morning to a lovely note from TJ, celebrating that we’d made it to 1001 days and expressing disappointment in the fact that we won’t live 2700 years to make it to a million.

On Friday night, we ventured downtown for a 1.5 mile walking ghost tour. It was equal parts cheesy and awesome, and it really was fun to walk around seeing some of the city’s oldest spots. To make the atmosphere even better, we got caught in a downpour for most of the tour. The thunder, lightning and pouring rain made the whole thing so much more fun, and it was awesome to just get caught in the rain without having to try to avoid it.

Here are some of the places we saw on the tour (Unfortunately, we couldn’t take our own pictures due to the rain, but here are some that I found online):

The Wake County Courthouse:


The State Capitol:


The White-Holman House:


The Raleigh City Cemetery:


And finally, Moore Square:


If you’re interested in more information about the ghost tour, check this out.

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