Snacking on the Go (Plus a Giveaway!)

When life gets super busy, it can be easy to forget about about important things like eating a good breakfast. Then, by the time your stomach starts growling, all you really want to do is stuff your face with the nearest food you can find, which to be honest, is usually junk food.

That’s why I really like having quick and healthy options on hand that I can grab and take with me, when I know I have a crazy day ahead of me. For breakfast, I really love Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits. They taste kind of like a cookie (awesome), and they keep me full for a pretty long time. Plus there’s 4 per pack, which is the perfect amount. I love these because I can eat them at home when I have time, or I can eat them in the car if I need to be out the door quickly.

I also tend to be a snacker during the day, so I love having quick, healthy snacks that I can just throw in my bag. One of my current favorite purse snacks is Quaker Real Medleys bars. Again, they kind of taste like candy (notice a recurring theme here?), and they’re the perfect snack for when I feel my energy draining throughout the day. IMG_0432

Finally, after a long day, sometimes I just want to have a quick dessert to treat myself after all the hard work I’ve been doing. What have I been reaching for lately? Original Klondike Bars! They are classic for a reason, and the perfect way to treat yo self.

Guess what all of these delicious snacks have in common? They’re all part of the Snack Share Save campaign going on at Publix. Sharing means saving! Save $5 on your $25 purchase of participating snacking items when you share with friends! You don’t want to miss out on all of the great savings at Publix, trust me on this one, friends.

Here’s how you can access the $5 digital coupon:
Specific steps to receive the coupon:
1. Go To SnackShareSave(dot)com and Choose a Design to share on your social media account
2. Log In to your Publix Skip The Clip Account
3. Share the social media design via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest
4. Check your Skip the Clip Account for your $5 Coupon.

That’s not all! Enter the giveaway below to win $15 PayPal cash so you can enjoy the snacks that are part of the Snack Share Save campaign.

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  • Mai T.
    April 8, 2015

    Cheetos® Cheese Flavored Snacks 8 – 9 oz. bags are the best!

  • Ashley Bree Perez
    April 8, 2015

    I love chex mix! 🙂

  • Elena
    April 8, 2015

    I would love to try the Chex Mix

  • Finley
    April 9, 2015

    haha this is SO my life. if i haven’t organised my food the day before or early in the morning – it always ends in bad food choices!!! But they are tasty food choices thats for sure haha 🙂

  • nadya kotik
    April 10, 2015

    Nature’s bars are the best!

  • sandra
    April 11, 2015

    Klondike Bars

  • Joan Kubes
    April 12, 2015

    I want theCheetos® Cheese Flavored Snacks.

  • Lauren
    April 12, 2015

    I like Sun Chips!

  • LaTanya
    April 12, 2015

    traditional chex mix

  • manda
    April 13, 2015

    Chex mix!

  • David
    April 13, 2015

    The Klondike bars are at the top of my list.

  • Holly E
    April 13, 2015

    I’d love to try the Chex Mix.

  • HS
    April 13, 2015

    I want to try Chex Mix,

  • betsy
    April 14, 2015

    ben and jerry’s icecream!

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