Weekly Snapshot: November 3 – 9

A look back at November 3 – 9…

5 things we ate:
Nov 3-9 Collage1
1. Carolina style pulled pork sandwich and fries for date night
2. Delicious fruit during a real estate meeting
3. Chicken noodle soup made by my mom
4. Cheesy eggs and my new favorite maple chicken sausage links
5. Rice, carrots, and chicken from a new (to us) take-out place

4 blog posts I enjoyed reading:
1. Madison’s post about all things graphic design
2. Sarah’s NFL week 10 mascot showdown
3. Laura’s top 10 movies of her childhood
4. Amberly’s post on the importance of thanking your spouse

3 forms of media consumed:
Read – The Dinner by Herman Koch (about 92 pages in so far)
Watched – Possibly the WORST Steelers game of the season
Listened to – my phone’s playlist on shuffle, rediscovering some songs I’d forgotten about

2 nail colors I wore:
Nov 3-9 Collage2
1. Essie, Merino Cool
2. OPI, Midnight in Moscow

1 thing I want to remember from the last week:
I got to see my best friend this weekend for the first time since I got married two and a half years ago! She and her husband live in Tennessee, but they were in Charlotte to see her dad fly in an air show, so we drove down to meet up with them, which was a lot of fun. It’s always great to catch up with old friends and have it feel like no time has passed at all.

What was the best part of your weekend?

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