Weekly Snapshot: June 23 – 29

A look back at June 23-29…

5 things we ate:
1. Chicken and spinach pasta with a light goat cheese sauce
2. Scrambled egg whites for breakfast
3. A bonus egg yolk – one of our eggs had 2 inside
4. Chicken quesadilla with salsa for an easy lunch
5. Sometimes, Saturday nights just call for pizza

4 blog posts I enjoyed reading:
1. Melyssa’s list of inspiring tips she learned from attending Alt Summit
2. Kalyn’s six habits of healthy eaters
3. Tessa’s grilled strawberry shortcake skewers with blueberry glaze
4. Amberly’s post on choosing marriage

3 forms of media consumed:
Read – The Book of You by Claire Kendal (about 32 pages in so far)
Watched – My all-time favorite summer guilty pleasure show: Big Brother!
Listened to – The Summer Hits of the 2000s station on Pandora

2 nail colors I wore:
June 23-29 Collage2
1. Nicole by OPI, Orna-ment for Each Other
2. Sally Hansen Salon Effects, Take the Stage

1 thing I want to remember from the last week:
TJ and I had tons of fun on Friday and Saturday, unplugging from our computers and tablets and just spending lots of quality time together. It’s definitely something that we need to make more time for!

  • Kara
    June 30, 2014

    I love that red polish! So pretty!

  • Jules
    June 30, 2014

    You have great taste in nail polish!

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