Weekly Snapshot: May 19 – 26

A look back at May 19-26 (included yesterday in this week, because of the long weekend)…

5 things we ate:
1. An airport turkey sandwich that was pretty amazing
2. My first ever hot fudge sundae (yes, I’ve been living under a large rock for 26 years)
3. One of my new favorite breakfasts – a Lean Cuisine breakfast sandwich and a banana
4. The best drink for when I feel like drinking soda, but know I should be drinking water instead
5. An amazing banana and cinnamon-stuffed pancake that TJ’s mom made (with homemade maple syrup!)

4 blog posts I enjoyed reading:
1. Ashten’s pretty perfect wedding toast
2. Amberly’s advice on dealing with finances in marriage
3. Tessa’s awesome tips on food photography styling
4. Belinda’s reflections on two years of marriage

3 forms of media consumed:
Read – The Postmortal by Drew Magary (about 93% in so far)
Watched – A bunch of random DVR stuff – after being gone for a few days, we had a lot to catch up on!
Listened to – CDs on our road trip, because yes, TJ and I are about the only people in the world who still burn CDs for trips

2 nail colors I wore:
May 19-26 Collage2
1. Essie, Peach Daiquiri
2. Essie, Muchi Muchi

1 thing I want to remember from the last week:
Well, last week went a little differently than I expected, but TJ and I did get to spend several days in Rochester, NY visiting with his friends and family, which was a complete blast! Looking forward to sharing more about our trip later in the week!

What was the highlight of your week? How did you spend Memorial Day weekend?

  • Nadine
    May 27, 2014

    You never had a hot fudge Sunday?!?! Was it everything you hoped that it be and more?

    • ashleynevis
      May 27, 2014

      Oh man, it was SO good!! I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without trying one, but I can say for sure that it won’t be too long before I have another!

  • Maria Medeiros
    May 28, 2014

    Lovely blog! Here from the lovely my so called chaos blog.

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