Fall DIY Projects

How insane is it that we’re over a week into October already? It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in Raleigh, and it’s definitely got me in a DIY mood. Since a lot of you guys are fairly new around these parts, I thought it’d be fun to share some of the fall DIY projects that I posted about last year. I hope this leaves you feeling inspired! And for the record, I am far from a craft wizard – these are all beyond easy projects for even extremely beginner crafters.

Simple black and white pumpkins made with adhesive rhinestones and the leg of patterned tights

A candy corn and flameless candle centerpiece
A pretty scarf that you can customize with song lyrics or your favorite quote 
A wonderful potpourri to make your house smell extra cozy
Ok, I know I originally posted this wreath only a few weeks ago, but I wanted to include it in this list, just in case you missed it
And now, I’m excited to introduce you to one of my lovely sponsors – Chelsea from Little Lessons in a Big City! Chelsea is newly engaged, and is in the process of planning her wedding. Such an exciting time in her life!

1. Why did you start blogging?
In the fall of 2010, during a late-night study session at the college library ..I bought a one-way ticket to new york city , set to take-off three weeks after graduation. I started my blog almost simultaneously to document the next chapter of my life.

2. What is your go-to dessert recipe?
My grown-up pink lemonade cocktail. seriously!

3. Tell me about your favorite blog post to date. 
This is so hard. I have a new favorite each week, sometimes daily. but if I have to pick one, I’d pick my engagement story. it’s just such a cherished [new, & exciting] time of my life.

4. What’s the best thing about the state you live in?
I, now, live in Iowa. it’s home to me. from here, my fiancé & I are close to both of our families. plus it’s so easy to travel anywhere from here. and that’s important to us.

5. If you could sum up your blog in one word, what would it be?
Effervescent: bubbly, vivacious, & enthusiastic.

You can find Chelsea on Bloglovin’, FacebookTwitter.


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