Weekend Snapshot

We had a simultaneously productive and relaxing weekend, which is my favorite way to spend two days off work. We spent time cleaning the house and doing yard work, but we also made time to go out for dinner on Friday night, and just relax around the house, spending time together. It was a wonderful balance, and it’s left me feeling refreshed and completely ready to take on the work week.

How did you spend your weekend?

1. 68 degrees on a July morning? This is the kind of summer weather that I can get down with.
2. My parents met up with me for lunch on Friday, and we had such a great time!
3. I finished this book on Saturday, and I really enjoyed it. If you’re looking for a good beach read, I’d definitely recommend it.
4. We made our own version of going to the movies with fresh popcorn, Starbursts, and Coke Zero. So much more relaxing (and easier on the wallet) than going to the theater.

5. I spent tons of time in the kitchen on Saturday, making new recipes to share with you guys! This is what our kitchen looks like while I’m “blog baking”.
6. Speaking of “blog baking”, I get sick of dragging out the step stool when I need to take pictures of the recipe, so I’ve started using my highest pair of shoes to help me get the shots I need. Much more convenient!
7. I’m a total sucker for prompted journals, and I’ve been filling out this sweet book that TJ and I got from a family friend. It’s so fun to look back on our love story.
8. Applying this tiny bottle of light pink nail polish to my nails is the perfect way to unwind on Sunday night.

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  • Kate Hall
    July 30, 2013

    Your weekend sounds like what I’ve been doing this week, my boyfriend and I both have the week off work so it’s all about relaxing, cleaning and planning for our future trips!

  • Sara Louise
    July 31, 2013

    Weekends at home relaxing but while slowly getting stuff done around the house are my favorite! I’ve spent the past two doing just that and it’s been wonderful 🙂

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