A (Fairly) Typical Saturday

This past Saturday, I decided to take a picture every hour to show you what a typical Saturday is like for TJ and me. I’ve seen several awesome bloggers do similar posts, and I’m jumping on the train. I always think it’s fascinating to see how other people live their lives, and I hope you do too! TJ and I are total homebodies, and it definitely shows.

Wake up – We typically wake up between 6:00 – 7:00 am on the weekends, but this past Saturday we slept in until about 7:30. What a treat!

8:00 am – Since we wake up so early, we usually spend the first few hours of our day just relaxing on the couch. We’ll use this time go through our list of DVR’d shows, watch a movie, or check out something on Netflix. This weekend I watched Celeste and Jesse Forever, while TJ worked on some computer stuff (official term).

9:00 am – I was still in the middle of the movie, so my two favorite guys came to hang out with me on the couch.

10:00 am – I moved to the dining room to start working on a DIY project (that will be posted tomorrow!). Like any good blogger, I stood up on of our (high) dining room chairs to get good pictures. When I was getting off the chair, I leaned forward while the chair went under me, causing me to fall back and hit my head on our hardwood floors. Have I mentioned that I tend to be a little clumsy? Um yeah, sometimes things like that happen to me. I don’t think I suffered a concussion, but I did get pretty bruised up, and I had a headache that just wouldn’t quit. I am ridiculous. Here’s a picture of part of the project before the oh-so-dramatic fall.

11:00 am – After the fall, TJ ordered lots of rest, so I iced my head and did some light reading.

12:00 pm – TJ made us Garbage Plates for lunch, aka the weirdest looking, yet most delicious tasting meal ever. It’s a Rochester, NY specialty, but TJ’s version is even better than the real thing. Like I said yesterday, he doesn’t cook much, but when he does, it’s incredible!.

1:00 pm – I finally started getting ready for the day.

2:00 pm – Since I stopped biting my nails, I’ve started doing a weekly strengthening routine to help prevent breaks.

3:00 pm – I went to Kohl’s to look for a bottle cleaning brush while TJ got a haircut.

4:00 pm – I wanted to try out my new purchase immediately after getting home, obviously.

5:00 pm – We started to think about what we wanted to have for dinner, and decided on trying out our new Tortilla Bowl Bakers.

6:00 pm – Our taco bowls turned out to be easy and delicious! We’ll definitely be having these again soon.

7:00 pm – TJ just bought a new laptop, so I bought his (1 year) old laptop at a generous “wife’s discount”. He took the time to reformat it and get it all set up for me, while I sat icing my head some more.

8:00 pm – While TJ continued working on my laptop, I worked on putting together a virtual puzzle, which is not as dull as it sounds.

9:00 pm – My computer is all up and running! I used it browse Pinterest, naturally.

10:00 pm – We head up to bed for some reading before going to sleep.

There you have it – a fairly typical Saturday in the Nevis house (although I don’t usually fall and bust my head). I hope you enjoyed looking in on our relaxing little weekend!

How do you usually spend your Saturdays?

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  • Kaitlyn A
    October 3, 2014

    Saturdays are unpredictable in the Arnold household, although one word sums up Sunday. Football. Lol, we’re glued to the couch from 12′ o clock till 10′ o clock with occasional bathroom breaks and snack breaks in between.

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