Weekend Snapshot

Another weekend has come and gone, and somehow we’ve found ourselves in the month of June! TJ and I had a calm weekend, where we really didn’t do much of anything. At first we were a little restless, but eventually we started to enjoy the feeling of not having much on our to do lists, and we really appreciated the calm relaxation of two days spent mostly at home. I think a little recharging like that can really do the body and mind some good.

How did you spend your weekend?

1. A new month means a fun new print for the calendar in our kitchen.
2. One major perk to marrying a web developer? He can blast through a list of blog changes that you want to do without even thinking. Some of the new changes you’ll see: an updated “About Me” picture, a convenient “Pin It” icon when you hover over an image, pictures for every recipe on the Recipe page, and an exciting new option to Sponsor Rainstorms & Love Notes! Thanks, TJ!
3. I totally geek out over watching the Spelling Bee every year, and since I missed it during the week, I recorded it to watch on Sunday. No shame.
4. A fun new iPad background that kind of reminds me of the 90s.
5. Menu planning for the month of June.
6. A Sunday night trip to one of the best stores ever – Barnes & Noble!
7. …and the goodies I brought home from that outing.
8. Full disclosure, this happened today, which is technically not the weekend, but this little blog of mine hit 20,000 views! I know that this is a pretty small number, and that many people get this (if not more) daily, but this is a milestone for me, and it makes me excited to see it keep growing! Thanks so much for reading it.

Happy Monday!


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