Weekend Snapshot

Happy Monday! I’ll just be really honest with you guys – this weekend was not my best. Don’t get me wrong, it was full of fun times, but I was a major klutz in two separate incidents on Saturday and Sunday. First, on Saturday night, I was foolishly trying to push a gigantic piece of ice (from this super cool tray) into the opening of a mason jar. I pushed it way too hard, and ended up shattering the top of the jar, and cutting my hand in two places. Really, Ashley?! Then, on Sunday afternoon, I accidentally knocked over some rubbing alcohol, all over the top of our wooden coffee table. Did you know that rubbing alcohol completely ruins wood? I do, firsthand. Yikes! Again, really Ashley?! Forunately, I found this tip for trying to repair the damage, and it seems to be helping. Luckily, I have a very sweet husband, who bandaged my hand in record time, and simply kissed me when I told him about the coffee table fiasco. Color me lucky, albeit very clumsy. Tell me about your weekend!

1. Owen has discovered a fun new hiding spot.
2. I made gigantic chocolate chip cookies on Saturday morning, including a few for myself without chips – the best type of cookie ever, in my opinion.
3. A fleet of helicopters that look surprisingly tiny in this picture.
4. Mr. Nevis, looking even more dapper after a Saturday afternoon haircut.
5. Battle wounds from the mason jar/ice incident.
6. Desperately trying to fix the damage to our coffee table.
7. My Cinco de Mayo leftovers, after a fun dinner out with our friends.
8. After dinner on Sunday night, we wandered around this adorable general store – can’t wait to go back!

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