Weekend Snapshot

Happy Monday! Did you guys have a good weekend? Saturday we had beautiful sunny and warm weather, and Sunday we had a lovely cloudy and rainy day. A perfect balance, if you ask me. Call me crazy, but I will never get tired of cloudy, gloomy days. I’d love to know the highlight of your weekend!

1. Saturday morning breakfast of scrambled eggs on a bagel thin.
2. A 3-mile morning kayak trip down the Neuse River.
3. Hanging out with my favorite grey cat.
4. TJ bought this energy drink that came in an adorable, tiny glass bottle, and I can’t wait to use it for something. DIY glass bottle project ideas, anyone?
5. I’ve successfully stopped biting my nails for several weeks now! Nail polish for the week: this fun bright blue.
6. A rainy Sunday afternoon is perfect for stove-topped popcorn, and binge-watching a great TV show.
7. Blog planning for the month of May.
8. These guys are hilarious when they’re playing together. 


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