The Air & Space Museum

TJ and I are complete nerds when it comes to all things aviation. In fact, I just happen to be a former member of the Young Astronauts Club of Thornton Elementary School – if that doesn’t make you jealous, I’m not sure what will. Since we both totally geek out over this stuff, one of the highlights of our anniversary weekend was making a trip to The Air & Space Museum. Below are some of my favorite photos that we took while at the museum. By far the BEST part was getting to see the Space Shuttle Discovery – so incredible I could hardly stand it. Hope you enjoy the pictures we took! If aviation is not your thing, we can still be friends, but you’ll probably be more excited about tomorrow’s recipe post 🙂
The entrance

Shots from the hangar
The beautiful Discovery, in all its glory

Views from the Observation Tower

And finally, a view from the gift shop of a plane getting ready to land

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