DIY: February Centerpiece

For the month of February, I wanted a centerpiece that delicately reflected love and femininity. I decided to go with a white pom-pom sitting on a candlestick holder, and a simple heart garland for some extra flair. Once again, I decided to incorporate the pages of an old book into my decor, and I’m so pleased with the way it turned out. I took another trip to our local used bookstore, and found an old book of love stories (originally published in 1929!) for just $5. It hurt my heart a little to destroy the book, but that garland really is just perfect for the look I was going for.

For the pom-pom:
white cupcake liners (I used about 100)
large styrofoam ball
straight pins
hot glue gun
candlestick holder
For the garland:
twine or string
old book
heart paper punch
scotch tape
For the pom-pom:
Here are your supplies:
Stick a straight pin through the center of a cupcake liner.
Fold the cupcake liner up around the top of the pin, and use the hot glue gun to place some glue where the cupcake liner and the pin meet. Press the tip of the pin into the styrofoam ball, slide the cupcake liner down so that the glue sticks to the styrofoam ball, and press the pin down completely.
Continue making your way around the styrofoam ball until it is completely covered.
For the garland:

Use the heart paper punch to cut out hearts from the pages of the book.
Tape the hearts to the twine with the Scotch tape, trying to space them equally apart.
Continue until your garland has reached your desired length.
Once you’ve completed the garland, place the pom-pom on the candlestick holder, and place in the center of your table. Scatter the garland around the base of the candlestick holder to complete the look.
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