January Inspiration

Happy 2013! I have just one resolution this year, and that is to live in the moment, making a point to enjoy each day as it comes. To help with keeping this resolution, I’ve decided to introduce a new monthly “inspiration” post, where I highlight a few things that inspire me about each new month.

I’ve also decided to take part in a 365 photography project, thanks to this post over at A Beautiful Mess. I think it will be a fun and challenging adventure for the new year, and I encourage you to join me! I’ve come up with a list for each month of the year, with a different subject or theme for each day. Each photo list will be included in the monthly inspiration post, and will be available for you to download if you wish. My photos for the 365 project will be available for viewing here on the blog, and on my Pinterest page.

Here’s to January!


“Cheers to a new year, and another chance for us to get it right.” Oprah Winfrey

january photo list:

Download the January Photo List


Get it here

“January Rain” David Gray

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