Celebrate Love

The day we got engaged – we were in Pittsburgh for a Steelers game (he knows me pretty well!)

Today I’m dedicating this post completely to my awesome husband, who asked me to be his wife exactly one year ago today. So, since I like nice even numbers, and today is the 6th day of the month, here are 6 things I love about you, TJ. 
*Spoiler alert: the sap factor on this blog is about to go up for a minute, but it’ll be back to normal by tomorrow.
1. You always make me feel completely loved.
2. We always have a blast together.
3. You taught me everything I know about photography, which came in handy once I decided to try out this whole “blog” thing.
4. We share a love of aviation, which is awesome.
Since this is not self-explanatory, this is at the Raleigh-Durham airport observation deck.

5. We go on awesome adventures together – like renting an RV for the weekend!

6. Finally, and most importantly, you’ve learned to love the Steelers almost as much as I do.

So TJ, thanks for being a totally top-notch husband! These past (almost) 7 months of marriage have been a blast. 

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