DIY: Pumpkin Decor

Halloween is officially less than a week away! If you haven’t had time to decorate yet, here’s an easy and unique way to incorporate pumpkin decor around the house. I found these plastic white pumpkins at target, but if you can’t find similar ones, you could always paint plastic orange ones.


2 plastic white pumpkins
1 pair of patterned tights
1 package of sticky black rhinestones
1 package of black spider scrapbook stickers

We’ll start with the patterned pumpkin – grab your pumpkin and your tights, like so:

Place the pumpkin in the “seat” of the tights, and carefully work one leg of the tights up over the pumpkin. It takes a few minutes, but the tights will be stretchy enough to eventually fit around the entire pumpkin.

Cut the tights with scissors to fit around the stem of the pumpkin.

Time for the 2nd pumpkin! Use the pencil to lightly draw a letter on one side of the pumpkin, then follow the pattern, placing the rhinestones evenly apart.

And, for a little something extra, I added this to the back:

We’ve got our pumpkins on our front steps, but they would also look great around the house.

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